Frequently Asked

What is a jeƣ?
Please see this page: About jeƣ.
How do you pronounce jeƣ?
The IPA transcription for jeƣ is /dʑeɰ/—the ƣ is pronounced like a back‐of‐the‐throat r.
How do you pronounce Kibi?
The pronunciations /kiːbiː/ (kee‐bee) and /kʲeːbeɪ/ (kye‐bey) are both valid.
Where does the name Kibi come from?
From the official IEC prefix signifying 210= 1024. kibi‐ is a computing prefix, which suits the digital origins of the Kibi jer. It was first taken up as a moniker by Kibi.
Who made this site, and how?
This site was hand‐coded in HTML by KIBI. It is currently being hosted through Github Pages. If you wish, you can view the source online here.
How do I get in touch?
Please see this page: Contact.